Special Offers


£395 for lockdown weddings
Are you having to make a plan B?
Our Mini Package is perfect for the smaller celebrations that are having to be held across the country due to the current Covid-19 restrictions.
We'll cover your ceremony, from a safe distance and wearing a mask, if numbers and rules allow us to do so. We will then capture the mingling after, either outside the ceremony location or at a nearby park. This allows us to shoot a range of candid and traditional photographs of you and your guests.



Extended Half Day coverage in 2021
We're hoping weddings will be back to normal by summer 2021 so are making plans like normal, until told otherwise. 
Our Half Day coverage is from an hour before the ceremony until everyone starts being seated for the meal, but if your wedding falls in 2021 and the speeches come before the dinner, we will include this part of your day in our coverage.
The speeches are the perfect chance to capture those candid shots and natural emotions. 
Half Day: £695



If you're happy with our service and recommend us to a friend or family member they will get £100 off their booking. And you benefit as well - we'll give you 20% off any future orders you make, so keep that in mind when you're planning your album or wanting individual prints for those frames.